Specialised Skin Care & Aestethics


 Chantelle's Beautique


30 Minute Express Refresh


Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation & Mask

1 Hour of Bliss


Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation, Extraction, Massage & Face Mask

90 Minutes of Luxury


Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation, Extraction, Shoulder, Neck & Facial Massage, Face Mask and choice of Mini Foot or Hand Mask & Massage.

90 Minute Caviar Rejuvenation


A gentle but very effective exfoliting peel that protects the integrity of the skin  - perfect for evening out pigmentation and fine lines.



1 hour


Dermaplaning treatment, finished with an Enzyme Deep Cleanse & Balm

Dermaplaning Lux

90 minutes


Dermaplaning treatment, Enzyme Deep Cleanse, mini Facial Massage, Mask & Balm finished off with a 20 minute LED treatment

Dermaplaning and Caviar Peel

90 Minutes


Dermaplaning treatment and Caviar Peel - a gentle but very effective way to give your skin a deep exfoliation with integrity.

No Peel - Ekseption Peels

Available Soon

Ekseption are passionate about giving to your skin instead of taking away which is why I absoloutely love their products. The only brand of Chemical Peels that actually do not cause any peeling but are just as effective.

With 13 Peels to choose from -  we can offer a tailored service for your skins needs and concerns.

More inforation available soon.

Hydro Dermabrasion

Hydro Dermabrasion                                                               

90 Minutes


Using specialised aesthetic machines and products, this treatments allows for exfoliation deep inside the pores. There are so many benefits but those with acne prone skin and clogged pores will really benefit from a Hydrodermabrasion treatment.

Teenage Skin

Basic Facial


45 minutes

Double Deep Cleanse, Exraction & Gentle Exfolation finished with a skin Iluminating Mask.

Skin Care Lesson

£20/ £10 When purchasing a Skin Care Bundle

45 minutes

A lesson on how to correclty cleanse, tone and care for teenage skin -                     Includes a 15 minute express Facial

Skin Care Bundle - Charlie Locks


Cleansing Lotion,

Gentle Tonic,

Gentle Eye Make Up Remover


All 100ml

When treating Teenage Skin I use the professional Charlie Locks brand which is essential oil based & organic - perfect for gently treating young skin but punchy enough to help with any  concerns.


Men need to self love too!                                                  Whether it is for problematic skin, a Couples Pamper Session or you just need a little relaxion - your Mancial will not make you feel any less manly. Ps Beards are invited.

Freshen Up


45 Minutes

Double Deep Cleansing Foaming Wash (beard wash if needed) & Exfoliation. Under Eye Mask, Mini Facial Massage and Face Putty. Using products from Barber Pro



45 Minutes

Perfect for those who suffer with clogged up skin on their back - Double Cleanse & Deep Pore Exfoliation. Balm & Mask

Electical Facial Treatments

LED Light Therapy


20 Minute Treatment

LED Light  Therapy is an effective way to treat skin  concerns including Acne and Rosacea. Treatment plans are reccomended.

Radio Frequency Face Lifting

(This information is currenly being updated)

Ultrasonic Cavitation

(This information is currenly being updated)

Cold Hammer - Shrink Pores

(This information is currenly being updated)

Skin Scrubber - Black Head Remover

(This information is currenly being updated)

Riox Oxygen Mask

Co2 Carbon Mask


75 Minute Treatment

A needle free aesthetic treatment which is used to -

Reduce the appearance of age lines

Brighten and balance the skin tone

Minimise the size of pores

Expel Toxins from the skin

Encourages the skin to repair itself

Riox Treatment Plan

4 Treatments/ 3 weeks apart


(saving of £60)

Casmara Jelly Masks

Casmara Mask


Add on to any Skin Treatment

Casmara Masks contain active ingrediants that cools the skin temperature to 6 degrees celsius - providing a drainage effect on the skin and reducing puffiness and dark circles.

A wide range of Casmara Masks to suit different skin types.

Casmara are the original creators of Jelly Masks since 1979, containing all natural - Vegan ingrediants.

Micro Needling